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Thanks for visiting this page, this shows that you are interested into getting to know who we are. We will write down a small piece of text explaining who we are, and what our visions are.


We are nonvisiongames, a group of five people who love to play games, but also creating them ourself, with simple gameplay in mind. I will refer to us by our gamer tags, with the part we fulfill in our projects.

Koma7.2 sound design
Hatlor Searching for bugs, and misc stuff
Pelantas Programming
Damien Garwood programming & sound design

Our vision

Our vision is that gaming doesn't have to be difficult or advanced to be enjoyable. That's why our projects are designed and build with easy gameplay in mind. It is true that we don't have advanced soundscapes, but we hope the descriptions we give in each room will compensate this, cause in our vision, the only limitation is your own imagination.

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