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vandettacrime.net, External Mafia-shop

Note: All payments will be processed manually, please allow us up till 24 hours to process your order. After this 24 hour limit, you are free to send us emails to remind us of your payment.

This is our External Mafia-shop for our online mafia-mmorpg:

Credit packages similar to the original packages in our ingame credit store can be purchased here. The difference between the ingame-credit-store and this one is that of the euros paid out, the hosts keep 66% of the amount paid. From the amounts paid through our external credit store (this one) we will be able to keep the full amount paid.

In exchange for this benefit to us, we want to give you, the player, a benefit in return. The credit-amounts presented through this store will add 20% Happy-hour value to the original amounts. We, the administrators of
will add an extra stack of credits on top of that. So by purchasing credits through this page you'll be gaining two bonusses for your purchase!

The only minor drawback to this will be the time it takes us to add the package to your account or to an account you wish to purchase a credit-package for. We namely need to add the credits to the intended account manually. However, this will happen as soon as we receive the notification from paypal. The credits will be added to your account and you will receive a personal message mentioning our great thanks.

Note: For now we only accept donations via paypal for these packages. Should there be any interest for additional payment methods, please feel free to reach out to us and we will see what we can do.

Vandettacrime Credit-Packages
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