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vandettacrime, Mafiashop

Note: All payments will be processed by hand, please allow us up till 24 hours to process your order. After this 24 hour limit, you are free to drop us emails to remember us about your payment.

This is the online Mafiashop for our online mafia rpg

In here credits can be purchased at a cheaper way then the standard ways the game allows you. Also, via the standard ways the host of the game keeps 66% of the money donated thus, not helping us much.
That's why we created the mafia shop on our website in which you can purchase credits at 84% of the original prices.
After selecting the package you'd like to buy, make certain to fill out the vandettacrime.com character the package should be added to and we will get onto it as soon as is humanly possible.
Note: When ordering one of these packages during the happy-hour (20.00 o'clock till 20:59 o'clock servertime) the same bonusses will be applied (+30%).

Vandettacrime, special packages
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