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This is the section where recent news will be posted. Keep in mind that small changes to our games will be mentioned in the changelogs wich you can read on the
Our audiogames page
Our online games page


For some reading this post it already almost is new year, for others it still takes a few hours before new year arrives. Anyhow, we from nonvisiongames want to wish everyone a very happy new year. That 2019 may be a year full of prosperity, good health, lots of luck and that it may be a good year in general. Thanks a lot for playing our games and supporting our work.
A nice song to celebrate new year as a community
Happy new year!


Audio cookie clicker has been released. Check
Audio cookie clickers information page
For more details.


The castlevania add-on of our your_adventure audiogame dropped in price. Till the 7th of january the castlevania add-on can be purchased for 3 euro, instead of 5, so a cool 40% cheaper! #crazy_christmas_cheapness
The progress of the first patch is going well, but is slowed down a bit cause of a small sideproject, which we will release upcoming monday. This is a small incremental audiogame which i personally found fun to throw together. It is an audio version of the cookie clicker app on ios. This project of course will be free for everyone to download and play. Hey, who doesn't love cookies during christmas, allthough, i even love them when it isn't christmas :D
Stay save everyone, stay well rested, keep yourself warm these days, and keep your hitpoints above zero, always.


Your_adventure beta 3.0 has been released. Grab it via
The your_adventure information page
With this release, we also opened up the your_adventure add-on store. The castlevania add-on is available from
The your_adventure add-ons page
Please allow us up till 24 hours before sending reminders to our support email.
We wish you a lot of fun!


I wrote a small guess the number game out of boredom while i am getting things done for the first your_adventure audiogame add-on. This stuff is mainly related to insurances etc ... Bleh.
You can find it via our
Our audiogames page


Just updated the windows version for our Your_adventure game as well. Patch 2 is now included. So no unecessary downloading of this patch is required anymore. If you already patched the game yourself, no worries, nothing new is added, just patched the main directory, so this extra downloading step can be skipped. Just download the file on the games page if you want to give it a try.
Editted the version numbers on the your_adventure page as well, to reflect wich patch is included. So both the version of windows and mac received the number 2.2. To indicate that patch 2 is included.
visit our Your_adventure page here


Just updated the links for Your_adventure for the mac, right now patch 2 is included in this version as well, and the link for patch 2 for windows. They'll both shouldn't give any forbidden frames messages anymore.
The your_adventure page


Just added a link to patch 2 on the
Your_adventure page
Wich fixes two bugs for sure.


added a mac-version for the your_adventure audiogame, please keep in mind that some different behaviour can occur, cause this is a direct port from the windows version.
find it on this page


Your_adventure beta 2 is released. Grab it via: The Your_adventure page
We wish you lots of fun, and if there are any bugs, please let us know via the contact page.


Fixed a typo in the description of vandettacrime. With great thanks to a friend for noticing.


Added a changelog page under the vandettacrime heading on our
online games page


Just updated the link for downloading Your_adventure rough beta 2. It is now hosted on a more stable fileserver.
You can find the link
via the your_adventure page


Just added a review about vandettacrime, written by the awsome guys from
The online games page can be found via this link


Just linked this domain to the server, and completed version 1.0 of this website.


Started development of this new nonvisiongames website.

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