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Your_adventure is an audiogame developed by the guys from nonvisiongames. In this game you step into the shoes of a unknown adventurer, hoping to make a name for him or herself. This can be done by fulfilling the various quests given by the npc's, or just by roaming around the land, and do what you want to do.

Cause that's is what we hope to achieve with this game. An open world, with an easy to go interface, with easy to perform activities and the freedom to live the life you want to in a fantasy world.

installing the game

The your_adventure audiogame will be downloaded as a zipped archive. You can just simply extract the archive, and hit the your_adventure executable, to start playing the game.

Patching the game

Every so often, we will release patches to fix several bugs discovered by the community or by us while we were tweaking stuff. Those patches can be downloaded via the your_adventure page
Via our website

To patch the game, follow these steps:

Known issues

When you have downloaded and extracted the archive and want to play the game, but you can't cause you get a very nasty error when you want to start the game. the chances are very high, your anti-virus application has detected the game to be a virus. No worries, your_adventure is no virus. But the problem is, that games written in bgt, will be detected as a virus pretty often. What you should do, to solve this issue, is to make an exception in your anti-virus software. To allow this kind of files. Or you can create a regular directory on a location on your harddisk, and create an exclusion for the just created directory in your anti-virus software.
We don't have specific instructions for all kinds of anti-virus software, but you can find the necessary instructions to do this via google for sure.

Getting started

When you start the game up, it will start of at the main menu. Right here various options are available to you:

Starting a new game

When you select the option: "start a new game" from the main menu, you'll notice that the music changes and you'll get the question to insert your desired character name. Please do so and press enter. Right now, you'll get the message which prints the name you have choosen. Since screenreader support is in the game, this message gets read out half way. Please ignore this, and hit enter again. Right now, you'll get a message stating that a random age between 18 and 25 will be choosen. Hit enter once more. The last message you'll get, is the message reading out your choosen name and the rolled age. When you feel comfortable, hit the Y button, or if you are unsatisfied, hit the N button or if you can't continue the game at that moment, hit the q button, to quit the game instantly.

Note: When you don't fill out a name yourself, the game will choose the name pelantas for you.

Loading your last saved game

When you select the option: "load your last saved game" from the main menu, the game will search for a saved game located in the your_adventure directory. If present, your previously saved progress will be loaded, and you can continue where you left off. If a savefile can't be detected, the game will tell you. Either copy a savefile into the directory, or start a new game.

The goal of the game

When you select the option: "the goal of the game" from the main menu, a audio menu will pop up, describing to you on what goals can be in the your_adventure world. When you're done reading this screen, hit enter to close it and to turn back to the main menu.

Viewing the games credits

When you select the option: "view the credits" from the main menu, an audio menu will pop up, showing you a list of people who have developed this game, and the names of people who made this possible. We thank them in advance via this screen, but let us take the oppertunity to thank them again:

Exitting the game

When you select the option: "exit the game" from the main menu, it will be rather quick to describe, it will take you back to the world of windows, or mac, should you happen to play this game on your mac.

Navigating in the world

When you have started a new game, and walked through the process of chaaracter creation, you'll end up at the city square of Dalgrim. When you want to start exploring the city, or the area's surrounding it, you'll need to know on how to move around right? Since we believe in simple methods of playing a game, we created a menu in which you'll find your various options to move around labled: "go north", "go south", "go east" or "go west". Use your up and down arrow keys to explore these menu's, and use enter to select one of these options. When you have selected one of these options, or when you get dropped on the city square, you'll discover a tts voice, or your screenreader starts telling a kind of description. This is the description of the room you are currently at, telling the story the world wants to tell you.

interacting with objects or npc's

Every so often, you will find that the directions you can go aren't the only options you can choose from. Sometimes, you will discover several npc (non playing characters) standing in different places. Some of them, will give a quest, others have items they can give you, while other characters only have some rubbish to mention. In other cases, you will find items you can interact with. These kind of options you'll find below the directional options and work just the same way. You can arrow down or up toward the option, and hit enter. What is required, will be mentioned by the game.


A game isn't very fun when there isn't something to do right? That's the reason why we have programmed several activities, the following paragraphs will describe the several activities in more detail:


For the more warrior kind of players, we have various monsters roaming around in the various area's. These will vary between rats down into the sewers, to blue crabs snapping their claws at you at the beach. But how can you defend yourself? Or deal blows yourself. That's what this part will try to cover. But first, we will explain how the system works.

the way the system works

The way the combat system works, is on initiative. When you deal a row of succesful blows, your opponent will remain stunned, without being able to defend itself. When your opponent blocks your blow, the initiative will switch to your opponent, and it will be your turn to attempt blocking it's hit. Combat will continue, untill one of the two dies, or if you flee. Should you hit or block to slowly, your opponent will block your blow or will hit you successfully. Quick reactions will be key to win battles.

Your turn, hotkeys available

This are the hotkeys available to you when it is your turn of hitting in combat:

Opponents turn, hotkeys available

This are the hotkeys currently available when your opponent has the initiative:


Gambling is another small activitie which can be performed at the dalgrim's tavern right now. In this small and simple minigame, you place a bet against the gambling kobolt and two dices will determine if you double your bet or you lose it. For this game are no specific hotkeys available, apart from the standard hotkeys to accept or decline an offer. For this, see the paragraph for standard hotkeys down below.


Another activitie we have to offer, is harvesting several harvestables. To be able to harvest, you will need a harvesting basket at minimal. For some harvestables you will need something extra. Below you will find which hotkeys are available when you are busy harvesting:

hotkeys while harvesting


A yet other activitie the game has to offer right now is cooking. Again, htere are no specific hotkeys available, but it will be a challenge on it's own, to find out which resources you will need for the various recipes. All these foods can be used from your inventory, healing back hitpoints and getting you a few points in energy. But this depents on which food you cook.


For players who prefer the beach and the sea, there is another cool activitie available. Namely, fishing. This is another simple activitie for which you'll only need a fishing pole. When you find a spot to cast your line, a simple menu will pop up, asking you on what you want to do. You can attempt reeling it in, loosing the line a little, so the fish gets tired or release the fish. Detailed information can be found at the old fisherman in the game.


An activitie, from which we asume most players like it the most, are the quests. There are several npc's in the game, which will require some help with tasks. These tasks vary from fetching things for someone, or by battling mobs for the npc, so they are free of trouble again. Right now, the free game contains 10 quests.

Standard hotkeys

This are the standard hotkeys in the game. These will work almost always when the case isn't something mentioned in the previous paragraphs:

the settings

There are a few settings available in the game right now, you probably noticed the speech settings on the main menu. But while in the game there are music ones available to you as well.

how to get to the settings

The options screen can be reached via the following method, keep in mind, that you have to be in the game with a character:

the music options

The first option you will encounter is the music options category, read below on how to manipulate these options:

adjusting the music volume

To be able to adjust the music's volume the following hotkeys are available to you:

turning on or turning off the music

In the music options, there is a second option available to you as well, you can either turn on, or turn off the music completely. Please keep in mind, that this setting only applies to the music of the world. This does not apply to the music during combat, travelling or other sounds. Cause we find that the player should be alerted when something of note happens, such as random events.

The speech settings

The speech options take care of screenreader detection, such as NVDA and Jaws, our tests show that the game works the best with NVDA or with sapi, we don't understand why the game has some trouble with jaws. But due to the fact NVDA is free, it is something the players hopefully can deal with this way.

setting the speech delay

When you have made the settings for your prefered screenreader, it is the best you set the speech delay as well. Arrow down to this option, and a long sentince will start rapidly speaking, as soon as you hear go, hit the spacebar. Your screenreader will now be able to slow down a couple more nodges and will have more ease with reading the messages, and won't stop reading it half way. This is a known issue, but can be solved this way.


As you probably have guessed, your_adventure right now contains 1 add-on. The castlevania one. This add-on adds several extras, of which one is the castlevania area, devided in three subareas, 9 quests, two easter eggs which can be accessed each game year, various new harvestables, two new recipes, a very special item, which will have a special ability, three new skills for during combat, a few new enemies to get yourself entangled with, a special general store, with the ability to purchase from you, instead of selling to you, an event during a season, to earn you a few extra gold coins and stuff we probably will add in the future. The fact that this add-on is released, does not mean that it is completely finished and won't get updates anymore. Of course will the castlevania add-on receive further upgrades and maintenence. Find out some more, or find out on how to buy it on our website:
The nonvisiongames website

contacting us

If you want to get in touch with us, send an email via the following link:
Send an email via this link

Have fun!

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