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add-ons for the your_adventure audiogame

This are the add-ons currently available for the your_adventure audiogame.
When you have purchased one of these add-ons, or probably some, and you lost your copy, send us an email via our
contact page
With the email address you ordered the add-on (s) with, and we will send you a new link.

When ordering for a different person or you want to receive the add-ons on a different email address, please fill out the alternative email address in the notes field while checking out. Otherwise we will send it to the received paypal address.
Please keep in mind, that after your payment, it can take up to 24 hours for us to get back to you, cause the processing will be manually done.

Add-ons currently available: 1
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The castlevania add-on

Ever wondered where the lord of dalgrim resides? Well, you'll have the chance to take a look around in his domain, the faboulous domain castlevania. But there is probably more happening then is visible at first glance.
This add-on contains the castlevania area, wich is devided into three subareas, the terrain outside the castle, the castle itself, and the castles basement. This version contains 9 quests, several new harvestables, two new recipes, four new enemies, bosses not included, three new combat abilities and more. We have far more in the planning for future updates of the castlevania area as well.

Purchasing the castlevania add-on for windows

price: 5,00 euro
Use the following paypal button to order your copy of the castlevania add-on for windows:

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