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Welcome to the city of Dalgrim young one.

Your_adventure is an audiogame wich is simple, but very entertaining. In this game you'll start as an unknown adventurer with near no knowledge of various skills. These can be trained very easely, by just performing them.

While you perform the activities related to this skills, you will acquire bonusses while leveling up these skills. Fishing, harvesting, gambling, cooking and simple combat are various skills we have to offer, with still more in the works.

And for the real explorers, there are various quests available wich can be done

please keep in mind the systems for the activities are rather simplistic, cause we believe in simple, easy to learn gameplay, wich can bring hours of enjoyment.

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Watch the preview video of this release on youtube
The Your_adventure audiogame user manual
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Downloading the most recent version

When you want to download the most recent version of the game, wich is Your_adventure beta 3.0
Download your_adventure beta 3.0 for windows here

Recent changes


updates from rough beta 2 to beta 2

- rewrote the fishing system, credits to dark of the audiogames.net community. this one probably still need some work on it.
- added a skill based system wich can be used in combat.
- for the new skill based system, you can learn abilities at a trainer.
- added the D button while in combat to hear a description of your enemy.
- the game will check if a save file is present, all players have to start with a new game, sorry.
- added a training point system, you'll get a tp when you get a combat level.
- added the A button while in combat to select an ability wich you bought for a trainingpoint.
- added two basic abilities, and one wich is a combination from the first two.
- added a lot of new sounds and music.
- fixed the musical errors wich were present when rough beta2 got released.
- added a new area the forest.
-expanded the beach area, i am curious if people make the link of the docks :)
- added several secret locations, one of them is bound by a season, but wich?
- rewrote the code for the quest: kill 5 rats in the sewers for the bartender.
- added 5 new quests.
- one of these quests is the mobquest.

- made the harvesting code seperate, so it can be used for other harvestables as well.
- added the red berries and the blueberries as resources wich can be harvested at a second location where harvesting is now available.
- the berries mentioned above are also visible in the inventory now.
- added the woodsmans axe.
- added woodcuttiny.
- added the blue crab as enemy in the beach area.
- added screenreader support.
- rewrote the credits page.
- added a configure speech method option in the main menu and the character information.
- added keyisfull and coderunner to the credits.
- expanded the world to 52 rooms.
- removed the g and s keys for grinding, that was a bit pointless.
- removed the experience, achievements and skill levels for grinding.
- fixed some bugs.
- it is now no longer possible to enter nothing or zero when a edit field is presented.
- probably some updates we forgot :)

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