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Welcome to the city of Dalgrim young one.

Your_adventure is an audiogame wich is simple, but very entertaining. In this game you'll start as an unknown adventurer with near no knowledge of various skills. These can be trained very easely, by just performing them.

While you perform the activities related to this skills, you will acquire bonusses while leveling up these skills. Fishing, harvesting, gambling, cooking and simple combat are various skills we have to offer, with still more in the works.

And for the real explorers, there are various quests available wich can be done

please keep in mind the systems for the activities are rather simplistic, cause we believe in simple, easy to learn gameplay, wich can bring hours of enjoyment.

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The Your_adventure audiogame user manual
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Received no email?

When you have bought one of our add-ons and you haven't received a link via which you can dowload the game with add-ons enabled, please sent us an email requesting a link to download the files. It is possible our email will be bounced back to us.
Please alow us up till 24 hours to respond, cause the orders are processed manually. After this 24 hour period by all means, sent us an email. :)

Please mention the paypal address via which you ordered the add-ons so we can verify your identity and we will sent you the requested files asap.

Downloading the most recent version

When you want to download the most recent version of the game, which is Your_adventure beta 4.2
Download Your_Adventure beta 4.2 here
Note: With this release, make certain you start a new game. This will enable the game to work as it should be.

Recent changes


Fixed the link to download the game. At first a 404 errorpage was shown. Hopefully this is now fixed in the forseeable future.

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